The Children’s Church takes place each Sunday for children ages from 3 to 11 during regular worship. The children participate in the first part of the main worship service, which includes a children’s time (learning together), and then they go to their class with their teacher. There is also nursery care provided in a room beside children’s church children under 3 years. Our goal is to help the children feel that they are an important and welcome part of the church family as they begin to explore their own faith.

Our teachers follow a new curriculum called Godly Play and it is endorsed by the United Church. During each lesson, we will be sharing with the children a “Great Feast” which in our situation will usually consist of cookies or the like. For this reason, it is important that parents let us know if your child has any food allergies.

The idea of Godly Play is that the presentation of the story will inspire them so much that they will want to create their own craft than be told by the teacher. The story of the day will be presented to the children using tangible characters and props so that they will be able to not only see the story take place, but will be able to recreate it themselves using the same props as they wish.