God is Holy Mystery,
beyond complete knowledge,
above perfect description.

in love, 
the one eternal God seeks relationship. 

So God creates the universe
        and with it the possibility of being and relating. 
God tends the universe, 
        mending the broken and reconciling the estranged.
God enlivens the universe, 
        guiding all things toward harmony with their Source. 

Grateful for God’s loving action, 
We cannot keep from singing.

With the Church through the ages, 
we speak of God as one and triune: 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 
We also speak of God as
        Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer
        God, Christ, and Spirit
        Mother, Friend, and Comforter
        Source of Life, Living Word, and Bond of Love, 
        and in other ways that speak faithfully of
the One on whom our hearts rely, 
the fully shared life at the heart of the universe.

We witness to Holy Mystery that is Wholly Love…