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Baptism Services

Baptism celebrates God’s invitation and our response. It is God’s “Yes” to us, and our “Yes” to God. It is a sign of the Divine-human covenant. Baptism flows from God’s unmerited grace and pours out in lives of gratitude and commitment. As initiation into the Church, the Body of Christ, it is an act of welcoming, blessing, and belonging.

Trinity United Church offers both infant baptism and adult baptism. As a member of the World Council of Churches (WCC), Trinity United Church recognizes the baptisms of other Christian denominations.

Please contact the minister if you are interested in being baptized, or arranging for the baptism of an in infant or child. A form for baptismal information can be found here. 

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Wedding Services


Trinity United Church provides marriage and covenanting services for all church members and adherents. Trinity affirms that marriage is a gift of God through which Christians make a covenant with one another and with God. We believe that this unity is a creation of God and is greater than the two individuals. It creates holy ground on which the two, and all others, must walk carefully and gently, yet forthrightly and with courage.  

Relationships grounded in inclusivity, openness, respect, and equality will be caring and loving. When one person turns to another and promises to love them, there is an opportunity to feel the Divine mystery and presence. By promising to live in faithful human covenant with another, there is potential to know, in part, God’s faithful covenant with all God’s people.

Funeral Services


Dying is no more a purely individual act than living is. Like every great milestone in life, death is celebrated by a ceremony whose purpose is to express the individual’s solidarity with family and community. It is a time to celebrate gifts brought to the common life of which we are all a part. Funerals are critical times in which people are called to pause, to gather, to reflect and to lament a particular loss to a family and to the community.

A funeral is a rite of passage, an opportunity to celebrate a person’s life. It is a time to support and comfort family and friends during the time of grieving. It is a time to acknowledge that death is a part of life and that we are all woven together in a tapestry of community in relationship with God. At Trinity we provide services for members, adherents and members of their extended families. "In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with us."