Our Staff


Office Coordinator

Nora Coulter

Nora joined us in 2005 and she brings much richness to our church in her life's rich experiences and in her employment skills. Nora is well organized and is always kind to everyone she meets. Nora has many duties which include bookkeeping, receptionist, calendar bookings for church activities, worship service bulletins and in her ability to solve situations with a feeling of joy and kindness. When you phone or visit our church on Tuesday's or Thursday's you will hear kindness in Nora's voice, Nora's warm personality will brighten your day. Nora is a blessed gift for us here at Trinity.   



Jen Smele, pianist

M.Mus., B.Mus., A.Mus., A.R.C.T.

For over 15 years, Jennifer has enjoyed offering musical accompaniment and worship leadership at Trinity United church in Acton.

She is active in the G.T.A. as both a performer and teacher. She earned her Master’s degree in Piano Performance/Pedagogy from the University of Toronto and holds a Bachelor of Music, A.R.C.T. Performer’s diploma, and Associate Teaching diploma. She is an active member of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s College of Examiners and enjoys adjudicating music festivals and offering workshops throughout Canada.

Jennifer is a versatile musician and accompanist who is comfortable playing in all styles at nursing homes, funerals, weddings, receptions and churches. Her study of Dalcroze Eurythmics combines her passions for movement, music and improvisation. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys ballroom and Latin dancing.

Jennifer is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Trinity community with her gifts of music.